Top 10 Free SEO WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Brands

Top 10 Free SEO WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Brands

Free SEO WordPress Themes

In the past few years, WordPress has gained much importance due to its user interface and user experience. WordPress is very user-friendly as it is very easy to make a perfect website on this platform even if you are not technically equipped. These days WordPress themes have also made it very easy to develop a website on this platform. You can just install free SEO WordPress themes and customize WordPress templates as per your requirements.

WordPress is a dynamic platform as in this we can edit, add or remove details anytime. It is very easy to add or delete content and can mould the Content as per our requirements. There are so many free SEO WordPress themes available online for bloggers and new business owners. Some are free to use and some are premium and chargeable themes as it contains a better UI and UX from the user perspective.

People make WordPress blogs with the help of WordPress blog templates. These themes or templates are either free or chargeable according to the needs and requirements of the business.

Let’s check the top 10 Best free SEO WordPress Themes

If you are looking for the best and top WordPress themes for your blog or business website then this list is for you-

1. U- Design WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress Templates, U- Design has made it easy for you. Even if you are from a Non-Programming background then also U-design WordPress Theme is for you. This theme has been developed for both Non-Programmers as well as for advanced developers. This WordPress Theme won’t ask you to put many efforts as you will be able to make a website in no time. 

You can simply in a click change the background colour, shifting of menus, changing content, links, and everything. This theme contains over 500 fonts and allows you to change the look and feel of your website in a single save option. As today’s need says a website should be responsive and the U-design theme fulfils this condition also as this WordPress Template is SEO and Mobile and tablet responsive.

2. Oshine

One of the most creative WordPress themes, Oshine is an elegant, expressive and one-stop solution for a website developer as this is an SEO WordPress theme. This theme serves the purpose from business, Commercial, Corporate to Personal Website or blog in any size. The theme is compatible with static website design, Single page website, and dynamic website.

It has got the capabilities to engage your audience after landing on your website because of impressive and engaging web pages.

3. Avada WordPress Theme

This one of the free best WordPress themes comes with an inbuilt slider, unlimited colours, and fonts. Avada is very flexible and has an SEO responsive design. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 making it user-friendly and developer-friendly. With this theme, you will also get some tools to showcase websites to the world effectively and grab maximum traffic on the website. It is also suitable for any type of websites like Business, Portfolio website, and personal blogs.

4. Pixelgrade

With stunning visuals, this WordPress Template will offer designs for various sets of affairs. This theme is suitable for a variety of business and professions such as photography, blogging, and restaurants. It is very easy to customize. Pixelgrade comes with responsive and ready to use designs and is very easy to use and develop.

5. InFocus WordPress Template

It is specially designed for professionals and this is just more than a theme. You have got new wings to engage your customers and audience with your business. InFocus WordPress Template has an innovative design. Infocus is something new, innovative, impressive and comes with proper navigation to make it easy.

6. Divi WordPress Theme

This free SEO WordPress theme can make your dream come true. The layouts, Navigation bars, Response level and ease to use of this theme has got something to offer. From theme customization to drag and drop interface this theme is elegant and impressive.

It has 18 Preset layouts and allows you to add or delete content anytime with ease. For dreamers this theme is awesome.

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7. Dandelion

It is a powerful and elegant and premium WordPress theme. This theme is built especially for Professionals. With its flexible nature, changing colours, menus, and coding is very easy. Even if you are not a coder then also this theme offers you much ease to develop a website. Not even professionals but this WordPress theme offer much flexibility to the business and personal Bloggers.

8. Modernize

Modernizing WordPress themes has just changed the way we look at WordPress themes. A premium theme with impressive and fabulous features like Page Builder, allows users to create pages and post with ease, changing colour elements. The admin panel is very easy to use. Create unlimited sliders, sidebars. You have the flexibility to change the background and moreover translate the language with the help of the Admin Panel.

9. KingSize WordPress Theme

Not restricted to single-use, this KingSize free SEO WordPress Template fits for any use. It offers you 5 different gallery styles and majorly uses by bloggers to showcase their photographs. It is very user-friendly as the UI and UX of this theme are very impressive. This theme comes with video tutorials which makes it very easy to install and edit.

10. Striking Theme

Built for premium and corporates, this offers much more to the businessman. It is a multipurpose theme. Investing in this theme is worth it as it offers value for money. The striking theme is highly flexible, powerful, Elegant. It is an SEO optimized theme, create unlimited sliders, Font customizations, a strong, header, body, and footer. It is also used by bloggers and creative websites, e-commerce store and Tech-based startups. It can easily accommodate thousands of pages and posts.

This is the list of best 10 SEO WordPress theme of 2021 and some of them are free WordPress themes and can be moulded accordingly as per the requirements of the business.


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